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Hell X Race Series

Racing starts June 6, 2017 and runs each Tuesday through June 27th.


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Hell X is an Endurance Cyclocross/Short Track MTB event in the heat of the Texas sun. Course will contain both CX and MTB types obstacles and come out to about 2 miles. The course will be incorporating the motocross track, fresh cut single and double track, and whatever else we happen to find on the property. There will be a mix of obstacles and trail set-ups to ensure no one bike has any advantage over other. Any type of bicycle is welcome, but a MTB or CX bike will do best.


Time/Race length

We are starting June 6th and running four weeks! First race will start at 6:30 (B) and run roughly 40 minutes. he second race will go off at 7:20 (A)and run an 1 hour and 15 minute, or until dark. Unlike other races, the A race is not meant as only fast people. Think B race = long and A race = longer. Racers will be broken into classes for scoring. Track will open up for pre-ride around 5:30, but may not be completely set up with obstacles or crazy items yet.



Results are posted to our Facebook page and on the “Results” tab of the website.


What to bring

Three things are required. A bike, a helmet, and some cash. No helmet, no race. Other than that we highly, HIGHLY, recommend bringing plenty to drink as well as hydrating throughout the day. Keep in mind this is the afternoon in Texas. Please plan accordingly. We will have water and a cool down station (water hose) available.



$15 for the one race or $20 to do both races in a night. Cash only at the track. Season passes are on sale now and can be used for the whole season of racing. Yes, you can do both races each night and the season pass will cover both races each night. Season pass will cost you $55. Get your SEASON PASS Here!


Inclement Weather 🙁

Unfortunately, if we get obscene amounts of rain we cannot race. The track itself dries out fairly quickly, but the parking lot and surrounding grounds are a sticky mess when wet. Due to scheduling, we cannot guarantee any specific rain out dates. This policy also applies to tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, ninja attacks, etc.
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Short track and cyclocross racing under the lights